Miracle #4 - Spiritually Curious

The past few months I've been guided to broaden my spiritual horizons. And I feel a little unsure writing this because my old school beliefs of spirituality are that you 1. don't talk about it and 2. have to pick a side (and stick to it). Well I'm going to break the rules and let you know I'm coming out as spiritually curious. Ah that's feels like freedom! ha!

I want to share my experience with you because for me it's felt liberating to explore spirituality and religion with fresh eyes and an open heart and if like me, you're feeling spiritually curious consider this your nod from the Universe/God/Jesus to get your gear on and start your adventure. Because this is YOUR adventure, not your spouse's, your bestie's, your parent's or your priest's. It's all about you and your connection to the divine gorgeous! So trust your gut and the guidance you're receiving. 

I grew up in what I would call a christian household. We attended church (every now and then), I was baptised as a baby, we said grace before meals (every now and then) and celebrated the major religious holidays. Other then that, my parent's were really hands off with the religious 'stuff' and were never pushy if I didn't want to attend a church service. After my parent's divorce, my Mum studied theology and became a christian minister, I was in my late teens at the time and although I supported Mum's career of choice it didn't have any affect on my own connection to God. I do have many pleasant memories of 'God convos' with my Mum as I asked her to explain why christian's have so many rules and the ultimate... why does God let bad things happen to good people? No pressure Mum! 

Although I hadn't felt connected to religion I have always felt connected to God. It simply makes sense to me that there is more to this life, to this universe than what I or anyone else can see or explain. I'd find myself quietly thanking God at the sight of a sunset or walking amongst tall trees. To me God just is. I'd never felt called to explore it or give it more energy than that. 

In the last few years I've felt drawn to spiritual leaders. Marianne Williamson, Oprah and Caroline Myss in particular. I love the connection to ourselves and the energy around us without it being loaded with religion. To be able to acknowledge Universal energy and feel freedom in that rather than shackled to being an image of religious perfection. Earlier this year I began to study A Course In Miracles, which is a spiritual course for inner peace. As I'm making my way through this study I got the spiritual call to attend church. Yes, church. I know, I was shocked too! 

Now, my only memory of attending church is the off key hymns, the church organ, it all being very bland and serious and with a general feeling of 'don't do that'. So I was quite surprised I was being guided to get my butt to a service. In a playful way I let the Universe know it would have to get specific and really obvious about where I was to go. A few weeks later and thanks to a bunch of synchronicity (or what my Mum would call 'God-incidences') including Oprah herself I headed to Hillsong. (Oprah interviewed Carl Lentz on Super Soul Sunday, Carl is the head minister at Hillsong New York City.) Hillsong is not like any church service I've attended before. Think of it more like a Justin Bieber concert. No organ here! And every single human I've met has been kind, welcoming, non-judgemental, refreshing and up for a chat. Returning to church really forced me to ditch my previous religious baggage and stories and go in with fresh eyes. 

So here I am, somewhere in between spirituality and religion and I've found myself enjoying both, yet feeling like it's time I pick a side. Especially given my support of same-sex marriage. I wondered if I can fit in with christianity yet openly support and rally for gay rights. I wondered if i can be spiritually led and believe in Universe energy, clear my chakras daily, sage my home, talk to my spirit angels and yet still say prayers and worship to God and Jesus.

At first I was looking for outside approval or guidance and then I was lead back to the universal teaching of spirituality and christianity... my faith and my beliefs are between me and God, no one else. There is no one that can lay judgement on what's right and what's wrong. So for now, and maybe for always I remain happily spiritually curious, a bit of a fence sitter and my soul feels content with that.  I might keep attending church, I might not. I might keep studying A Course In Miracles, or I might not. There is no pressure here. Pure spiritual curiosity! 

If you're feeling curious yourself, I urge you to go at it with fresh eyes. Ditch the baggage of your past experiences and beliefs and grab that book you've been drawn to, go to church, ask questions, have fun and trust yourself. It would be such a shame for you to miss out on your own spiritual grounding because of judgement. And if something doesn't feel right for you, trust that.

No one can tell you what's right for you. This is your adventure. Try it all and see what feels best for you. 

Much love,

Jen x




Pondering Miracles: 

Have you been called to get spiritually curious?

What judgements or past beliefs have you attached to spirituality or religion? 

Have you had your own experiences with spirituality or religion or do you believe gossip, here-say or the news?