Interview - Yenny Stromgren

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Yenny Stromgren of Everyday Light Warriors and Noosa Stories. Yenny shares her story of depression after her marriage separation to having her podcast in the Top 40 in iTunes. An inspiring story and reminder to pick ourselves back up again, create vision and be around people with passion and heart. 

Yenny is hosting a Podcasting workshop on Saturday 23rd September in Noosa. If you've been thinking about creating your own and having a go, have a look here

Yenny Stromgren is a podcaster and a public speaker, who lives in Noosa, Australia.

Originally from Sweden, Yenny came to Townsville, QLD, Australia in 1998 to study photography and ended up working as a photographer for 10 years in Melbourne. 

Although this was a passion of hers, after having kids and going through a separation she started question who she really was and was looking for something to uplift her mood. 

Having a camera as a way of expressing herself she started to approach happy people around her and started to photograph them to get inspired and to create an exhibition. As well as photographing she recorded the conversations, which eventually turned into a podcast called Everyday Light Warriors, a place where she now shares people’s life stories and self-care hacks to inspire others. 

Yenny has also launched a second podcast called Noosa Stories, a place where business, beach and community meet. In conjunction with producing the podcasts, Yenny also teaches people, businesses and organisations podcasting.

When Yenny is not working, you can see her hanging out with her boys at the one of the beautiful beaches of Noosa, longboard skateboarding or hanging out with friends just enjoying life!

Both Everyday Light Warriors and Noosa Stories are on Apple Podcast (iTunes)

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I do. 

Much love,