Everyday Light Warriors Podcast - Episode #69

I love the power of storytelling. I was just with a girlfriend and we were discussing how so many Miracles happen when we connect with each other through telling our story and listening to others. It's special and intimate and connects us on a deeper level. I love that when we tell our stories we are simply sharing and connecting, rather than telling others what to do or how to be. It's a delicious energy that's created and it's so powerful and important. You never know how your story or your listening skills positively impact others.  
Do you have a story in you to share? 
This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Everyday Light Warriors podcast. Yenny who runs two podcasts (Noosa Stories) is passionate about bringing people's stories to you and sharing her knowledge on creating a podcast. She has a workshop coming up in Noosa this month, so if you've been thinking about creating your own have a look here

Everyday Light Warriors exert - Jennifer Timmins is a Sunshine Coast writer and blogger who writes about everyday miracles.
Originally from Melbourne, she loved her childhood and moved a lot with her family as her father was a bank manager. She, later on, got a full-time job at Fernwood gym on the Sunshine Coast, got married and thought she would live happily ever after. A couple of years ago she separated and her life turned upside down. After going through depression and the toxicity that followed the break-up, she finally allowed her to heal by one day give everything up to the Universe to let everything go. This was the start of her way back and slowly miracles started to happen.

Jennifer will talk about:

  • Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria
  • Being born in Kyabram, Vic
  • Being one of 4 sisters
  • Her best childhood memory playing board games at home and especially Monopoly
  • Fernwood gym
  • Separation
  • Depression
  • How to cope and behave as a parent after a break-up
  • The importance to give love to people.
  • Noosa National Park
  • Believing in miracles
  • The joy of blogging